On migration.

My exploration into migration arose as a result of spending most of my life living away from my birthplace of Scotland.  I moved to Yemen at 18 months of age with my mother and four siblings, moving every three years thereafter.  Since leaving home, I have lived, worked and travelled across the globe with my own family, which may help with placing my work within context.  I have been told by people in Houston that living in the US will help me learn English.  I understand the nuances of living elsewhere, and also understand all too well that one is not always welcome.

My work situated is usually in the country that I currently living in, making observations  that are often missed by the local people.  They are missed because they are no longer unusual to the people who live permanently in these spaces.  This is advantageous, as I take pleasure in the mundane and the banal.  Having said that, I also like to explore what is underneath that mundane scene so I can better understand what makes me photograph these things.

The two photographs below are representative of my reflections on international moving.  Both images are constructed realities and are metaphors for forced migration.

De Ferrier, Arrival. 2015
De Ferrier, Are you settled yet?. 2015

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