Independent reflection week 4

After my latest visit in Katy, I managed to capture some migrant portrait shots before I was removed from the construction site. It was my intent at that point to have some migrant portraits to inform some interdisciplinary work that had already been started. Being removed from the site has created a shift in my portraiture work. My intent now is to photograph kids from an international school, whilst these kids are not construction migrant workers, they are migrants living in the US on a temporary basis. I have taken a few shots, and being inspired by Michelle Sank and Craig Easton’s work on Project 16, I decided to ask my subjects to write down what they feel that they have missed while traveling with their families for work. I wanted to show the portraits alongside the answers to my question.    

De Ferrier, Migrant project 1. 2020

De Ferrier, Migrant project 2. 2020

De Ferrier, Migrant project 3 .2020


KEN. 2020. ‘Bye-Bye Baby’. Michelle Sank [online]. Available at: [accessed 20 Feb 2020].

‘Craig Easton Photography’. 2020. Craig Easton [online]. Available at: [accessed 20 Feb 2020].

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