Revisiting the banal

This weekend I managed to find another new site on the outskirts of the city. Sunday is a good day to shoot as most of the construction workers do not work on that day, and the weather was perfect. However, after taking a range of images from the outside, I took a few inside the building.  I was removed again, but by one of the migrant workers on site and he did not want his photograph taken either. I am left with the buildings and the remnants which is actually fine, as long as I can make images of these things.

De Ferrier, Off spec 1. 2020
De Ferrier, Wall art work. 2020.
De Ferrier, Migrant marks. 2020
De Ferrier, Remnants. 2020.
De Ferrier, Modelo. 2020.
De Ferrier, Remnants 2. 2020.
De Ferrier, Acton mobile. 2020.

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