First shoot fails

In this module I started by exploring the very difficult subject of migrant portraiture. This is difficult for many cultural, and ethical reasons mainly related to potential illegal status. These guys were great and joined in, however at this point I had asked a few others if they would participate, they were reluctant. This visit to the construction site was at best a total failure. The lighting wasn’t perfect, my technical ability was absent, I was anxious, and then I was removed from the area.

De Ferrier, construction workers. 2020
De Ferrier, on site Katy. 2020

The two shots above made the edit of what not to do. They are over exposed, uninteresting from framing to vantage point, detail to blown out sky. I really wanted some closer shots.

These two shots below speak rather better from a contextual point of view. The glaring visual references to current political discourse maybe too didactic, this is not my intent. My intent is much more about a subtle approach to a very delicate humanitarian situation. However technically neither of these work for me.

De Ferrier, Exterior wall. 2020
De Ferrier, Two construction workers. 2020

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