Tate shots interview Peter Fraser.

This was quite a short, but fascinating interview with Peter Fraser on his work. Fraser states that he never sets out to do anything, he just takes his camera and waits for moments. This is really interesting, and I wonder if this approach was influenced by William Eggelston, as Fraser states that when he was working with him he was constantly thinking of England.

Fraser embarked on a twelve day trip and photographed along the way. He came back with the idea that he would like to photograph London as if he had never seen it. These are ideas and approaches that resonate with me and my own migrant existence, I am fortunate to be constantly able to photograph things that I have never seen before. Fraser states that what interest him is this mysterious range and scope of the unconscious mind. Often I do not seek things out, but I do have a very keen eye for the mundane, banal and the overlooked. This interview was helpful in establishing why I photograph the things I do, and it is simply because I have not seen them before.

De Ferrier, New store. 2020

Fraser’s work on small things actually did not interest me as much, of course these are great images, but the subject matter did not engage me. What was very interesting was his approach, and the idea that the subject matter would present itself.

De Ferrier, Incoming consumerism. 2020

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