Migrant labour.

De Ferrier, Welcome. 2020

My aim with this body of work was to shine a light on the work that migrants do constructing the new buildings on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. The intent was to draw attention to the work that no-one else will do. The Texas heat in summer is brutal, however these migrants still work. They work demanding dangerous jobs often without basic health care. They may be legal or illegal migrants, however one thing is certain and that is no one else will do this manual work. They are vilified by the people who will eventually benefit from their hard labour. I wanted to draw attention to the work that they leave behind, the work that will eventually be covered up. That the covering up erases their existence on these construction sites, that to see the hand rendered walls will be proof that they were there. Interesting to note that since the pandemic Covid 19 there has been absolutely no change to migrant workload. It is as if nothing has changed, landscapers still work, construction workers work, supermarket staff and farmworkers. Probably all without healthcare and they are currently the section of the community that is being hit the hardest during this pandemic.

De Ferrier, Erasing evidence. 2020

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