After Ed Ruscha.

This unmarked excercise was really interesting. Ed Ruschas’ work is really interesting, especially his little books, he says so himself, they are interesting because something in them captivates us, and we want to return again and again to confirm that they are indeed still interesting.

Ed Ruscha fascinates me, he has a way of privileging the mundane and the overlooked. Places and spaces that are seen every day become a backdrop, a known world, accepted ordinary and normal. Ruschas’ treatment, his elevation of these spaces, capturing whatever he sees, giving voice to the banal.

To create a book after Ed Ruscha was a challenge. I made a mini accordion book of the rural shop closures in an area just outside Houston. During the pandemic the focus has been mainly on the large cities in the US. I wanted to focus on images that I already had from a recent trip recording shop closures.

De Ferrier, Untitled. 2020
De Ferrier, Untitled. 2020

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