Independent reflection week 1.


De Ferrier, Repurposed Silo. 2020

My current practice is concerned with the migrant poulation here in Houston, Texas. My aim is to photograph areas that predominantly focus on new construction, and the repurposing of exsisting buildings. These areas are on the outskirts of the city, and the manpower used is almost exclusively the migrant population. The migrants may be documented or un documented, this is the main reason for the lack of portraiture in my work. I will not expose migrants to ICE, or deportation.

The Ed Ruscha project over the break was well received, I made a book layout documenting taco buses, and an accordion book of rural shop closures. The book layout was interesting, but I’m not sure that the work is successful enough to make me want to make more images. The accordion book I feel was rather more engaging, I think it’s driven by my interest in the banal and the overlooked.


De Ferrier, Rural Store Closures. 2020

One of the main challenges that I have had is scale. I feel that this subject matter needs to be large. In answer to this I have built a canvas, and a very large cyanotype and hope to be able to work on these surfaces in a interdisaplinary way. Julie Mehretus work is really fascinating in relation to the scale, and reference to race riots which took place on the landscape she paints.


De Ferrier, Building Bones. 2020

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