Repurposing photographs.

Repurposing an image that I made for last modules construction series was what I chose to do for this task. I wanted to make the image appear to be like mosaics, or highly decorative work, that you see when visiting ancient buildings when you travel. The aim here was to make a connection between the migrant workers, who build these stunning structures, and ancient decorative architecture which would probably have been built by a similar workforce. I really wanted to experiment with this image, and create something visually engaging, and yet still retain a deeper meaning within. To still have the indexical link of the hand rendered marks on the concrete walls as proof that the migrants were here. The buildings are eventually covered in stucco in order to conform to the surrounding aesthetic which is required by the city, the migrant rendering vanishes under the stucco.

mg_0117De Ferrier, New Construction. 2020


mum art

De Ferrier, Repurposed Construction. 2020

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