Independent reflection week 2

I have found the start to this module a little difficult. Producing work has not been a problem, I have made cyanotypes, repurposed work, and made new photographic work. Problems that I have encountered are, the orginal buildings that I was capturing last module are now all rendered in stucco. They no longer have the appeal, but more importantly, they no longer have the migrant marks that interested me so much.

This rephotographing for the forum shows the start of construction, and the end of construction. The photograph on the right hold zero interest for me for this particular project due to it’s finished state. It has been interesting for a few of my peers, who have watched the process from the beginning, and perhaps it could form part of another body of work in the future. Rephotography imagesDe Ferrier, Repeat photography. 2020

Perhaps a more relevant approach was reworking images to make new photographic artwork. This reminds me of the ancient mosaics that we used to visit when our family lived in Cyprus. It is a reworked version of the photograph above.mum art

De Ferrier, Mosaic. 2020

This was my first attempt at Cyanotype, my aim was to address the issue of scale so the size of this worked for me. I have never tried this before, and was excited by the results.



De Ferrier, Cyanotype. 2020

This cyanotype was inspired by an original image that I made when our home was under construction, the lines come from the shadows cast by the framing made by the migrant crew that built our house. Studying the routes that the migrants took from South America I replicated these caravan lines by sewing over the top. This was time consuming task but also a meditative one, as I thought of all the cases that I had read about whereby some people did not complete the journey. Many drown crossing the Rio Grande, and many are stopped at the border by vigilante groups who are not affiliated by any legitimate  goverment office.


De Ferrier, Cyanotype and bookmaking thread. 2020



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