Cyanotype development.


This week has been spent doing some layer work to my cyanotype. The lines on the cyanotype were inspired by the building process of our home. It was important to have this work represent the migrant workforce. I wanted to address the problem of scale, it has become increasingly important to me, I know that this needs to large. I am interested in the works of Joanna Choumali and Julie Mehretu. Choumali sews her images and Mehretu works are monumental in scale.IMG_1853De Ferrier, Framework. 2020

IMG_5732 4De Ferrier, Cyanotype 2. 2020 (60 x 84 in.)

Using information from the migrant caravan routes from South America I began sewing the routes onto the fabric. This was a meditative practice. I found myself thinking of the hardships, and difficulties that these people endured in order to find a safe place to live. The many stories of migrants that do not make it, the ones who encounter vigilante groups at the border. The ones to attempt to cross the Rio Grande, the ones who do not make it, due to the underlying currents.

IMG_5734 2De Ferrier, Detail 1. 2020IMG_5733 2De Ferrier, Detail 2. 2020

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