Week 3 reflection.

This has been a busy week making zines, and continuing with work in progress. I enjoyed the collaborative and participatory way of working, this broadens your viewpoint, and can really help to generate other work. This is not a new concept for me, and I do think that it is very important to introducing new methodologies within ones own work.

I have been working into my cyanotype with bookmaking thread, sewing the migrant routes from South America trying at the same to imagine the perilous journeys that they took, often with small children and babies.

Looking at various artists for example Joanna Choumali, Julie Mehretu and Idris Khan led me to try and make larger works, and to embrace other methods of making work. This made me contemplate mark making and that led to preparing a canvas that will be painted with simulated migrant hand rendering, this will be a work in progress due to the time taken to complete a canvas this size, which is approximately 4 x 10ft.


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