Mini series in 24 hours.

Our task for this week was to produce a mini series of five images using a method that we were not familiar with.

I chose to do cyanotype, I have only ever produced one before without any tests. This really was a challenge, especially with the time frame. The task took the whole day, multiple tests later, I managed to get five images that I was happy with. These images are of plants in my garden, they are the type of plants that are cut, pruned and cared for by migrant workers.


IMG_5900 3De Ferrier, Crepe Myrtle Cyanotype. 2020

IMG_5901 3

De Ferrier, Ivy Cyanotype. 2020

IMG_5902 3

De Ferrier, Papaya Cyanotype. 2020

IMG_5899 3

De Ferrier, Wisteria Cyanotype. 2020IMG_5903 2

De Ferrier, Rose Cyanotype. 2020

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