Week 4 reflection.

I really enjoyed this weeks experimentation with cyanotype. I thought that this would be really easy after the huge one that I did the other week.  I was wrong. The only day with no sun in months, so I wasted heaps of fabric, simply messing up the rinsing process, or not exposing correctly. It took the whole day to reach five pieces for my mini series. These were really well received by my tutor, and peers in the webinar, and on the forum, however I’m not sure that these will make the cut for my final work. The process was fun and interesting but I feel that they needed to say more, be pushed more. So for now they may remain in my singles club.IMG_5900 3

De Ferrier, Crepe Myrtle. 2020

IMG_5901 3

De Ferrier, Ivy. 2020

Going forward, I aim to focus on my canvas, large cyanotype, a transfer method that I want to push, and photographs of silos. The intent here is to have the narrative run throughout these varied mediums.

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