Week 5 reflection.

This has been a busy week trying to pull work together. I tend to work in a varied way which can sometimes be difficult to curate. Curating can be very helpful especially with wide-ranging work. It was helpful to meet Cemre this week for my one to one, her suggestions really pushed me forward towards finalizing image choices, and anchoring a short discription of my work.

Variation in my work has the intention of audience engagement. To mitigate this across media way of working I made a portfolio for my website, and a book layout in indesign. The book layout will be printed for my task in the next few weeks. Completing these two things, along with continued work on large works, really helped with selecting some final artworks.

Some time was spent on pushing a printing process on rice paper. The paper is sixty feet long, I do aim to complete the journey, however it may take some time to do. This will definitely be a work in progress. I do like working this way, pushing boundaries and experimenting, so this varied way of working will definitely be a part of continuing work.



De Ferrier, Journeys. 2020 (Photographic transfer on rice paper). 11in x 60ft.


De Ferrier, Journeys (detail). 2020


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