Indesign online gallery, and WIP week 6.

This past week has been busy trying to find spaces for an exhibition. This has been hampered by rapidly rising cases of Covid 19 here in Texas, so I think that I may be reduced to showing this work to a limited audience in my backyard.


De Ferrier, Exhibition alleyway. 2020

Originally my space would have been in an alleyway nearby, but this is no longer an option due to Covid 19 and HOA rules. This was really disappointing.  I am currently working on a 60ft long print, and really needed that space. This print is a work in progress as it is printed by hand and now I need to work on a solution for the lack of space. This along with hurricane season may mean that I will have to cancel, I will not know until nearer the time. I aim to go forward with making my pamphlets to hand out at the exhibition, just in case.


De Ferrier, Journeys. 2020 (hand printed unique state on rice paper) 11″ x  60′

I am keeping up with work in progress ongoing mixed media work, and also made an indesign online gallery of my chosen images.


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