Week 6 reflection.

My recent work around migrant labour and migrants has led me to photograph buildings that are being renovated and repurposed. I feel that my current work can be installed anywhere from a white gallery space to an alleyway. The latter alleyway space was my original selection, however due to rising Covid 19 cases my back yard is now the installation area. This is not ideal however I will try to make it work. Slight changes in audience participation may actually take the work in a different direction.

My aim is to involve the audience by asking them to walk along the 60ft print of migrant journeys. This may be recorded and the final work of the remnants be installed at another venue. By having this interaction the audience is a part of the artistic process and hopefully have a sense of excitement and pride in taking part in making a new piece. The original piece will be installed first on the fence, towards the end of the week it will be removed to the floor, and audience participation will start. Rice paper is quite fragile, so I anticipate distruction to be rapid. It may be important to record the participants reactions to being involved.

I have really enjoyed this module, it has stretched me, and given me the confidence to really break boundaries. I feel that these experiments will always be a part of my work going forward.

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