In beauty it is finished, Cy Twombly.

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Cy Twombly, sketches for Treatise on the veil. 1970.

Cy Twomblys’ drawings are a huge influence on my work. Houston has a gallery dedicated to his work, and the Menil collection houses one of his larger pieces. Typically his work is WOP, or works on paper, he uses crayon pencils and paint to create what he feels, his emotional state, and aims to create that feeling in the viewer.

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 3.05.22 PM

Cy Twombly, In beauty it is finished. 2018

Twomblys’ work Treatise on the Veil is awesome in size, using crayon, different colours of supports and household paint. Cy takes us on an emotional journey. The size of the works change the way that you draw and paint, and this really invites you to lose yourself in his work. It is interesting to note that his sketch book contains drawings that he did in the dark, without being able to see. This is something that I will definitely try, I feel that this could help in depicting my migrant journeys.

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De Ferrier, Journeys. 2020 Unique state print on rice paper. Details, 11in x 60ft.

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