Week 7 reflection.

The last forum was very helpful. I had been struggling to collate the images that I had collected. First problem was my printer gave up, so my idea of having loads of images failed. Posting this on the forum led to a few new ideas from peers. The work below is conceptually connnected, however visually quite different. A few fellow students suggested separating them in chapters, or arranging them by texture and lines within the images.

I think that my focus has been on the exhibition in my backyard for Landings, it was easy for me to see how these images would look in an exhibition setting, in my head it was easy to group them. This was complicated though due the large canvas, seven foot cyanotype, sixty foot long print, my focus was with them, and how to navigate their installation. IMG_6043

De Ferrier, book layout small selection. 2020


De Ferrier, Migrant traces. 2020 Acrylic on canvas.


De Ferrier, Migrant journeys. 2020 Cyanotype with bookmaking thread.

IMG_6032 2

De Ferrier, Journeys. 2020 Unique state on rice paper.

I would like to look at using a baren tool, this is a Japanese printing tool that is normally used with relief wood cuts. As we go forward I feel that my experimentation will only grow.

I have really enjoyed this module and way of working, pushing the boundaries of a medium has just been so rewarding. I do aim to continue this way of working and have really immersed myself in the huge failures, it has been a real challenge, but a very worthwhile one.

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