Franz Kline.

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 3.00.54 PM

Franz Kline, Painting Number 2. 1954

Franz Klines’ abstract expressionist work on the surface looks like it could have been completed in around thirty minutes. The surface appears to be black and white,  however on closer inspection we can see that there are many many different shades, both warmer and cooler tones of each. As a lead up to these huge pieces Kline would make many sketches. These works are very carefully planned, and very skillfully painted.

Kline was also known for using household paints on his supports. I understand this approach, household paint is quite inexpensive so that’s helpful especially when dealing with large scale work. The application options are wider, and the ability to use different tools for the application of paint is greater, leading to many different ways of mark making.

This module was wonderfully experimental. My aim is to continue pushing boundaries, continue experimenting, and continue to explore new ways of making work.

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