Week 8 reflection.

IMG_5902 3

De Ferrier, Papaya. 2020 Cyanotype.

The beauty of workshops is to inspire, teach and learn from each other.  To experiment, share information, ideas and to gather as a community.  This is so well explained in the paper ‘Visualizing’community’ : an experiment in participatory photography among Kurdish diasporic workers in London. The Kurdish community were having problems at work, and a work shop in photography study was held to  help create a group identity, social belonging, and community support.   To create a community to help “In explaining issues, such as identity and community, which can often be difficult to  verbalize or articulate.”  In this group the participants were asked to learn that it was important to ‘lose control’ and allow them to be able to ‘speak’ for themselves using the lens of their cameras.

I have been a life long migrant, and this short paper was enlightening. Migration can be traumatic on many levels. It’s possible that this paper could be a pivotal moment for me. I have struggled personally to network, engage and settle after every move to another country.  I think this is why I feel so connected to other migrants.

My idea would to be to engage with other migrants in my area, to create a small community with neighbors, and friends so we can discuss issues that we may find difficult, while learning a new technique. Many visitors to my backyard exhibition expressed an interest in a workshop to learn how to create cyanotypes. What was really interesting was that the plants they wished to print were herbs particular to different cultures, and different cuisines.

The idea for this workshop will be on hold for the present time, due to rising Covid cases in Houston Harris county.

HOLGATE, Jane, Janroj KELES and Leena KUMARAPPAN. 2012. ‘Visualizing “Community”: An Experiment in Participatory Photography among Kurdish Diasporic Workers in London’. Sociological Review 60(2), 312–32.



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