Landings 2020.

The past week has been busy with my backyard exhibition. I really enjoy these times normally, and have been very fortunate to have had the chance to show work before. My past experience, however could never have prepared me for this week. Trying times were had during installation, we are in hurricane season, three storms were due to hit the coast on Landings 2020 open day. The rain was torrential, the road disappeared, there were treacherous thunderstorms. We had to wait for a break in the weather. The work was installed, and dissasembled four times before the opening at 1pm my time.

We got a break, the sun came out just in time. I had a socially distanced show, and no one was aware of any of the set up drama that had happened before opening. There have been similar storms all week, so the pattern of hanging and taking down will continue.

Lessons learned is a long list, but the stand out points are:

1. Check the weather, although to be fair it can, and did, change on a dime.

2. Really think twice about the practicalities of installing large works in bad weather.

3. Remember that the Texan sun is hot enough to melt frames.


De Ferrier, Landings backyard exhibition. 2020

IMG_1945 2

De Ferrier, Sixty foot long Shoji Gami unique state. 2020IMG_6101.jpeg

De Ferrier, Cyanotype migrant journeys. 2020

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