The moment of transferral, Brice Marden.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 4.42.07 PM

          Brice Marden, Grid 11. 1971

Brice Marden is like most photographers concerned with light, however he does not try to replicate the wonderful afternoon light in his paintings, he wants to understand what is going on. He wants to understand how he can make abstract paintings take the viewer to even a tiny moment of paradise. He wants to create a moment of transferral.

“The hand touches more delicately in drawing, there is less between the hand and the image than in any other media. Drawing is fine and concise, drawing is graceful. Think of them as spaces. These are my drawings.” This text was written by Marden describing his work. The same text could also describe mine. The idea that the camera leaves me too far away, and a bit disconnected was definitely something that I wanted to address. Covid 19 pushed me to find an alternate way of making work, I felt more connected with migrant journeys when making my long print.

De Ferrier, Migrant Journeys. 2020                   De Ferrier, Details. 2020

I am really intrigued by Mardens’ approach, and I plan to think a little bit about how this way of connection, and connecting could be a part of my work.



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    I hope the windy weather isn’t either. We hope to set sail on Wednesday for 2 – 3 weeks.



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