Week 10 reflection.


My interests in migration have been long term due to personal background. It was helpful to have a webinar with peers who do not know what my work is about, this shone a light on a problem. It was difficult to show photographs alongside mixed media in a coherent way, due to COVID 19 my work had to shift which has left me with a  visually split portfolio.

My methodology has continued to be diverse, I feel that this could be part my way forward. I recently bought a book by Rachel Hazell on various bookbinding methods. Perhaps there could be a lead from this work to the next module where I can incorporate some of these ideas to sit alongside further silo images.

We remain in lockdown in Houston, so for the foreseeable future I can only photograph around my home. I feel that to do this would only further fracture my work, so this is not an approach that I will be taking. I’m not sure how this will work out going forward, but I aim to keep my options open with regards to making books and interdisaplinary work.

This week I am spending time working on my  critical research journal, work in progress portfolio and pecha kucha presentation.

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