Week 11 Reflection.

This week has been busy finalizing images for WIPP, work in progress portfolio. The difficulties were trying to connect my visually split folio. It was suggested that by being really selective, cutting the images back may help. It really did help, although it was quite difficult to choose what images to leave out. This has definitely given me the confidence to really be critical in selecting work. As a result I feel much happier with my  selection of artworks. They cohere, and therefore show better.

I have now completed and submitted my PK. This was a difficult excercise for me, I spent a great deal of time trying to get it right. Time well spent, I’m quite happy with the result. Hopefully this addresses any questions on what my work is actually about.

Textures and traces of migrants work, the tar, the paint, the evidence in the builders tape, half painted walls and fences, and the eventual covering up. Erasing all those beautiful marks. I’m happy to have made a record of all these things.

Covid 19 has made certain things difficult to navigate. We are still isolated  kids are still out of school. Out of these difficulties new work has been made, new discoveries in mark making made, and new and exciting  explorations. This had been a pivotal moment for me and my work.

Looking ahead at the next three modules I feel that interdisaplinary work will still be a part of my practice. I enjoy pushing boundaries, and employing new methodology. Book making, and printmaking will most certainly be a part of my work going forward. Perhaps taking printmaking further towards sculptural installation could be something to explore.

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