Amate Bark Paper.

Natural Buckskin Hand-Crafted Mexican Bark Paper

We can travel back in time with this Mexican Amate Paper. This ancient paper dates back to pre-Columbian and Meso-American times, and is still hand made by the Otomi Indian artisans of Mexico using the same methods of their Mesoamerican ancestors from 3000 years ago. It has been used through the ages in religious, and legal texts, and as a canvas for painting.

Made from Amate, Nettle, and Mulberry trees, the unique and earthy tones of the trees perfectly blend together for a beautiful paper. The differing bark textures and shapes create a granite look across the surface.

I have just ordered some of this paper. A bark paper and a lace paper, along with some book binding tools. Excited to begin work with these new tools and surfaces. I really like that these are all handmade by the Otomi Indians in Mexico.

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