Richard Mosse and Laura Letinsky

The methods I plan to use in this module will follow on from the last module. The plan is to immerse myself in a range of different methodologies, as for me there are no boundaries. That brings me to anything from painting, sculpture, origami, bookmaking, sewing and printing of all kinds.

The discovery of Mexican Amate Paper was made while researching Mexican culture and artistic work. This ancient paper dates back to pre-Columbian and Meso-American times and is still hand made by the Otomi Indian artisans of Mexico, using the same methods of their Meso-American ancestors from 3,000 years ago. I enjoy the way that these methodologies can feed into one another, bringing you to a place that one would not be without that experimentation.

In an interview with Richard Mosse, he states his work in ‘Infra’ and ‘Incoming’ that he starts with the medium first. The next part of his research will be to work out how he could use infrared film, and military grade cameras with heat seeking capabilities in his work.

Richard Mosse, Infra. 2010

Laura Letinsky came to question her portraiture, how it was becoming part of a more, more cycle, especially here in the USA. The shift in her work for her book ‘lll Form’ and ‘Void Full’ came about when she started to question what happens when the actors leave the set and what is left behind. Essentially, this led to building her own set in order to be able to arrange and photograph her still-life objects. “Looking through the lens, I begin to frame the area, building the space with graduations of tone and hue.” Letinsky also has a way of researching by doing, she states “My work, as in my life really, always turns out way worse, or way better, never what I expect.”

Laura Letinsky, Plate 23. lll Form and Void Full.

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