Week 1. Research methods

Research is the way that one best gathers information to inform a body of work. This can come in many forms from reading, making, or drawing in a visual diary. As The Thuy Pham describes her Final Major Project as being able to ‘synthesize the findings into final outcomes appropriate for your subject specialism’.

The research methods that I have used in the past do rely on my previous experiences. My main interests are light, shape and line. In order to remind myself of these things that I see that interest me on a daily basis my phone is never far away. I make visual recordings using my phone, and return to that spot later with my camera. These images that I make initially may end up in my ‘Singles club.’ I am not sure if Todd Hido has a name for his singles, but he does a similar thing by hanging these one-off images on his wall. He mentions that they are images that have no friends at the moment.

I have many visual diaries, a bookcase of images from past studies in mark making. The diaries are hardback ones that contain ideas and work ups for final pieces. It is very interesting to see that development, and to approach these ideas again with a new perspective.

Portraiture is really engaging subject, however due to Covid 19 my work has taken a shift. It became necessary for me to find another way to inform my current practice. I really enjoy making things, pushing boundaries, thinking outside of the box and solving puzzles on how to make things work for visuals that interest me.

The thing that has challenged me this last month had been trying to find a way to work whilst having sciatica. I have engaged in researching and making Miura Ori and Kusudama origami alongside bookmaking. This week, my son designed a 3D print, which I could then arrange and photograph.

READ, Shirley and Mike SIMMONS. 2016. Photographers and Research : The Role of Research in Contemporary Photographic Practice. Routledge. Available at: https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/e/9781315730462 [accessed 25 Sep 2020].

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