The Legalities of Being

Undocumented Poets and Writers Are Vital to the Struggle for Migrant Justice.
Undocumented people are too often silenced—it’s time we listened to their voices.

Poem written and read by Yosimar Reyes, undocumented poet. The legalities of being.  

TRE (My revolutionary). Excerpt from poem by Yosimar Reyes.

Now go
to where ever home is 
Knowing that in San Jose
You leave a brown boy 
That has nothing but love and respect for you.

In the mean time, 
I will stay here
in this cage, in this shitty city

Singing and singing
Till this system crumbles
Till borders break 
Till the earth shakes
And our people become awake

I will be here 
Singing and singing till the day
We are all free to return 


‘The Legalities of Being – YouTube’. 2020. [online]. Available at: [accessed 25 Sep 2020].

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