Epic Failures

This experiment was a total failure, as it was time consuming and really difficult. I did have high hopes for this one however, what happened next was born out of the sheer frustration experienced when building this one.

De Ferrier, Epic Failures. 2020

The next image was much more successful, but I feel sure that it would not have happened had I not failed my first experiment. My tenacity came through, leaving me pleased with the way forward and giving me permission to laugh at the prior failures.

De Ferrier, Out of the Fire. 2020

The Graduates 2017 : how to make the most out of failure.

In this article there were simply too many words that spoke to me, so it was really difficult to choose from so many great quotes.

Eddie Peake, who is an artist states that one should “Protect the periods in which little seems to be happening – they are extremely valuable. Use them to explore ideas that you might not be so confident about showing to the world when opportunities do start presenting themselves to you which, if you are serious about what you are doing, and you enjoy it, and you are prepared to work hard, they inevitably will.”

In the time between modules this is exactly what I did. I looked at 3D printing, made books and explored many types of origami. It was a great experience to be able to play with different media and supports. It was important to allow myself that time.

Peake went on to say “Take advantage of the fallow periods by making work, whatever that means for you, non-judgementally and at a natural steady pace, as unencumbered by extraneous or outside forces as you can possibly allow yourself to be.”

‘The Graduates 2017: How to Make the Most out of Failure’. 2020. [online]. Available at: https://www.itsnicethat.com/features/the-graduates-2017-preparing-to-fail-150617 [accessed 2 Oct 2020].

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