Art and Commerce

During my art major I decided to take some photography modules with the images that I created leading to a combination of art and photography for the installation of final works for graduation. On returning to the US I set up my website which covers fine artwork and photography. I have spent the last few years focussing on dance, portraiture and fine art commissions.

My work for this module has a taken a shift towards origami, bookmaking and printmaking. I adapt quite well to these shifts in methodology and it is my hope that this work leads me to my own visual language. However, I’m not quite sure how this could bridge the gap between fine art and commercial photography.

Guy Bourdin mixes fine art an commerce by storytelling, using innovative lighting, attention seeking colours and boundary pushing figurative work. Bourdin’s work screams, ‘Look at me!’, which is essential in commerce. The storytelling brings his work to the gallery and he has managed to capture attention on both sides.

Metz and Racine sit on the cusp of commercial advertising and fine art, but their work is inspiring. The bold colours, shapes and lighting make these images instantly recognizable as Metz and Racine work.

Albert Watson’s images are iconic. I have included a dp review of a photoshoot with Sergei Polunin. To see the stills are awesome and to watch him work, I have no words.

‘Metz+Racine’. 2020. [online]. Available at: [accessed 8 Oct 2020].

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