Week 6 Reflection

A reflection was not needed this week however, I thought that I would just post an update of my latest work on problem solving. Discussions with my tutor led to suggestions of a book with colour swatches of the paint in the silo walls. The flag book was chosen, however the paper was really thin and proved difficult to paint on, so it was not a success. After several attempts to resolve this, I made the decision to move to another support. I chose a mixed media support and used it to make an interlocking loop fold book which could hold the different shades of hand mixed paint swatches. The aim is to continue with this loop fold by making covers of shoji gami rice paper with photograph transfer drawings.

De Ferrier, Interlocking Loop Fold. 2020

2 thoughts on “Week 6 Reflection

    1. Yes it could, and it can also take a photograhic transfer really well. Trying to get all this stuff to make sense and sit well together visually. Thinking that journeys and surfaces have to merge at some point.


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