Week 7 Reflection and Forum

This week we had to set up for peer to peer meetings which will be enormously helpful going forward into FMP, so it was great to have a trial run in this module.

The meetings that I have had recently have not been with this peer group, so it was really interesting to be able to catch up with them and all their work. It really is amazing to see the progress with this new work.

It was good to have some feedback on my current work too, as it is easy to get a little lost while you are working alone. It was also interesting to hear that perhaps my work is not immediately easy to understand and whilst I think that is probably true, maybe this was something that I should work on. I appreciated my peers taking the time to meet, catch up and give this feedback.

Week 7 Forum. Tell a story.

This area has been photographed by me before in 2017. These images are new, the scene has barely changed in the last three years as Billy’s house is the only one on this street that has been renovated. Billy is a veteran and he proudly wore his purple heart hat for this photograph.

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit La Grange in rural Texas. The X codes on the doors or windows are a search code that summarise who searched the property, at what time and how many bodies were inside. This entire street ended up being under water and the inhabitants got a one hour heads up to get out with what they can and leave behind everything else that they owned. These images were taken a few weeks ago from one street and I have many more, but they all tell the same story of little improvement over the last three years.

Ferrier, X Codes. 2020

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