Refining experiments

Due to the volume of experimentation in this module, there will be a point at which my work will need to be refined, so this week was spent working, and reworking. The idea was to make a flag book bound in Amate bark paper and to fill it with migrant journeys made with a photo transfer technique. Problems presented themselves almost immediately as the flag paper did not print well. I made a new, double sided flag book, with another type of paper being chosen, but that did not work too well, either .

Continuing to work through these problems was key to resolving the issues. It was important to hand rip back the papers used, which reminded me of the Otomi Indians when they make this beautiful lace paper. Retaining the deckle edge of the Stonehenge printmaking paper was also preserved with the journeys becoming drawings from my memories of traveling in Mexico.

KRENTZ, Anna. 2014. Snapshots With an Edge: A Study of the Deckle Edge in the North American Snapshot. St. Francis Xavier University.

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