Artist Research

Karen Navarro is a Houston based artist, who’s work is really engaging. In some ways, we are similar since she is also an immigrant and works in a meditative way. These similarities continue into photographic construction and deconstruction. Navarro works with portraits and identity, whereas my work is concerned with migration and injustice, but both of these ways of working are born out of immigration and migration.

Shoot me, print me, tuck me, fold me, then shoot me again.

Aldo Tolino folds photographic portraits altering the facial features and making new portraits. This work is really interesting not only from the portrait perspective, but from the folding, and very deliberate visual arrangement of the new object that he creates. Perhaps my work is similar from the point of creating new work from observing migrant work, seeing what is overlooked and elevating it.

‘The Constructed Self’. 2020. Karen Navarro Multimedia Artist & Fine Art Photographer [online]. Available at: [accessed 15 Nov 2020].

‘Aldo Tolino’. 2015. Yatzer [online]. Available at: [accessed 23 Oct 2020].

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