Week 8 webinar

The presentations for this webinar were to include images for our work in progress. This was a valuable meeting with really helpful critique and feedback from tutors and peers.

Working the way I do sometimes creates a series of engaging experimental images across a range of media but this can lead to a confusing collection of photographs that do not link very well. At this point in almost every module I reach the difficult point of image selection for work in progress however, preparing my oral presentation at the same time can really help when reaching this stage.

Ferrier, Work in Progress images. 2020

The feedback was really welcome, and helped set me back on track. A good portion of my experimental work is 3D, including handmade books and origami folds but it is problematic knowing how best to show them. What you see is a photograph however, what I want to show is an object that can be touched, picked up and explored, giving the viewer an experience much like mine when I make these pieces. Hopefully, this connects migrant, to migrant, to viewer and back.

The intent is to make the viewer feel included, so it is important not to approach the description of my work in an esoteric way. My aim is to make my work inclusive and meditative, with the aim of engaging viewers to want to have a better understanding of migrants and the difficulties they can face.

As a migrant who has lived and traveled across the globe, I know only too well some of the difficulties associated with leaving your homeland. Although our family were economic migrants, there are still difficult situations that can arise in a arriving in a new land, with some taking years to understand or resolve.

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