Aldo Tolino

Tolino is an artist and teacher living and working in Vienna, Austria who works with geometric folds and origami. The facial landscapes series is visually engaging however, this method works well with portraiture as it distorts the just enough for it to remain recognizable as a face. The image engages us visually as we try to make sense of the new forms.

Kühle Streicher – Facial Landscapes

“Alles Beobachten, sei es als Wahrnehmung oder als Denkleistung oder als Kommunikation, setzt ein unbezeichnet mitwirkendes Unterscheiden voraus. Der Beobachter kann sein Instrument […] nicht beobachten, also auch sich selbst nicht in Operationen beobachten. Aber es gibt eine Beobachtung zweiter Ordnung, die genau darauf achtet, wie (mit welcher Unterscheidung) ein Beobachter beobachtet. Und das gibt uns den Schlüssel für die Auflösung der Paradoxie des Unsichtbarmachens durch Sichtbarmachung der Welt. Denn ein Beobachter zweiter Ordnung kann sehen, das der Beobachter erster Ordnung nicht sehen kann, was er nicht sehen kann.”

“Look at everything, whether it as awareness or thought provoking or as communication, notice the subtle differences. The observer is unable to watch his instrument (…) but neither can he watch himself at work.
But there is a Second Level observation, which watches precisely how, (with each difference) an observer watches. At that is the key to unlocking the paradox of invisibility achieved through visibility of the world.
Because a second level observer can see, that the first level observer is unable to see, what he can see.”

It is with help from friends and family that we can have this translation.

The technique of folding is fascinating and could become a part of my future explorations. The way that the information in the photograph subtracted to create a new distorted image will be a good thing to explore as you can alter your images and control what is seen which is really interesting. This can also be important in relation to migrants and immigration, since our ‘normal’ can appear very different through the eyes of the beholder.

‘Kühle Streicher – Facial Landscapes – Aldo Tolino’. 2020. [online]. Available at: [accessed 13 Nov 2020].

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