Week 9 Reflection

This week was the last 1-1 with my tutor for this module and was an important date to get clarity on a few issues that I had been having with sequencing and how to link very different visuals together.

As a result of the pandemic and rising Covid 19 cases here in Texas, my work has taken a dramatic shift from being able to photograph buildings and migrants to having to travel to rural Texas to photograph historical buildings ready for renovation. Then there was a complete shutdown which pushed my work further towards folding, bookbinding and origami.

Printmaking has been central to my work for many years. Paper is the key to successful printed images, but it is not just the surface that makes the print, it is the complete package of surface, what is on the surface, and the deckled edge. My tutor suggested Anna Krentz’s thesis study on Snapshots With an Edge.

KRENTZ, Anna. 2014. Snapshots With an Edge: A Study of the Deckle Edge in the North American Snapshot. St. Francis Xavier University.

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