Accordion Book Project

Ed Ruschas’ accordion book is a great example of the accordion fold. He captured every building on sunset strip and chose an accordion fold as a support, a simple, but effective way to show this work. Ruscha had the intention to become a commercial designer, he signed up for courses in the history of photography where he became aquainted with the works of Eugene Atget, Walker Evans, Robert Frank and Man Ray. He learned how to use his newly aquired Yashica a twin lens medium format camera. This was 1956, ten years before he made Every Building on Sunset Strip.

Just as the name implies accordion folds are named after the musical instrument, it operates by contracting and expanding the mountain and valley folds. It is one of the most versatile of folds for making books and it’s possibilties are endless.

“Brilliant, very helpful how to and indeed why you should, make accordion books.” A YouTube guide to help you connect with your work. I found this just a few days ago and it is posted here since it maybe helpful for others who are looking to work in this way.

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