Social Media

During to a conversation with the Houston Police Department some years ago, we were advised as a family to avoid social media and up until now we have managed. I knew that this would probably have to change once I started the MA and freely admit that I know absolutely nothing about instagram. Posting things in groups, road trips and some experiments is where I am at the moment. Like others have noted, it does feel a little like it is something else to do however, that could be driven by my lack of knowledge. It has resulted in me picking up some work which has been good however, I am probably not using it to its best. (Links to an external site.)


This week’s guest lecture on instagram and various other social media sites was interesting. To note that twitter had a good selection of street photographers sharing information and giving feedback would be interesting to explore, especially as we go forward into FMP, since I suspect that we will need those feedback venues. It was noted that instagram gives the opportunity to show work quickly however, there was plenty of debate about where your images could end up and how you can be targeted by sales sites.

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