Week 10 Reflection

The art of sequencing has been an important topic in our group sessions and it is particularly important to me, due to the visual range of my work in this module. It has been difficult to make this series of photographs and objects to cohere but it may be easier to curate in a different setting, such as a gallery.

Digital has created a shift in my work, although I feel comfortable embracing these new challenges. My social media is limited at this time to instagram, which I am fairly new to. Some time has been spent keeping up to speed with this new area however, my current available time is being spent finalizing assessment work for this module.

At this moment I have a jumble sale of imagery that really need a master curator to sort out and I am feeling desperately short on talent right now. Challenges this week have been reworking ideas that were considered failures and this is very much still a work in progress although I am hoping to be surprised that my next idea actually works.

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