What you see is not what you get.

Olivier Ratsi, along with Gordon Matta-Clark was also involved in the Anarchitecture movement.

This new landscape is created by Olivier Ratsi, sometimes by technological error or intentionally produced in a process likened to cut and paste paper collage. Deconstructing and reconstructing these images to form a new architectural landscape; an anarchitecture landscape, leaving behind all the norms while making us feel challenged by this new visual, could it be real on first glance? This is a really engaging way to work and I am especially interested in this new surface that Ratsi creates. As a collage technique, this could be a really fun way to make new work.

This may be further investigated in the next few modules.

‘WYSInotWYG project’. 2020. Olivier Ratsi, visual artist. [online]. Available at: http://www.ratsi.com/works/wysi-not-wyg/ [accessed 24 Nov 2020].

‘Anarchitecture in Seoul (WYSI*not*WYG project)’. 2020. Olivier Ratsi, visual artist.[online]. Available at: http://www.ratsi.com/works/wysi-not-wyg/anarchitecture-seoul/ [accessed 1 Dec 2020].

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