Week 11

Photography has been the starting point for my art work for many years. My fine art background has allowed me to give myself permission to experiment without fear, break rules and push boundaries. Working in a conceptual way gives me freedom to add and subtract information from the initial photographic images.

The ongoing pandemic lockdown has led to a shift in my work in this module. My work about surfaces and migrants continues with explorations in folding, sculpting, bookmaking and origami. Printmaking has been a constant in my practice, so I am passionate about all different types of paper; from how it is made, to how it looks and performs, to the deckled edges, preserving them, where possible. These edges can also be simulated by hand ripping your paper.

Anna Krentz’s thesis on the various types of deckle edges in photography is a facinating read. This irregular deckle edge below feels inspired by handmade paper as handmade paper dries on the mesh frame, it can form this finish around the edges. This edge can be removed if the desired edge is a straight one however, it is beautiful and organic and you can tell by looking that it is a handmade paper.

KRENTZ, Anna. 2014. Snapshots With an Edge: A Study of the Deckle Edge in the North American Snapshot. St. Francis Xavier University.

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