Work In Progress Portfolio

The Migrants’ Visual Dialogue.

My work is focused on creating a narrative by manipulating images to both subtract and add information through folding techniques.  This provides an alternate view of the surfaces of structures created by migrants on their journeys to either flee injustices and persecution in their homelands, or those that are often disparagingly referred to as “economic migrants” who have often left their families at home in order that they can provide the most basic of requirements for them.

Migrant workers are the backbone of the Texas construction industry. As a migrant, my intent is to make work about the surfaces that are maintained by their hands, while making objects with my own. This will be a record of this continually evolving area, and a way to connect with other migrants. The aim here is not a message or to raise awareness, but a way to understanding and to work toward erasing the vilification of fellow Texans. The photographs of the surfaces are used in folding, bookmaking and origami techniques. The paper used is handmade using an ancient skill developed the Aztecs, it is currently made by Otomi Indians in Mexico.

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