Schedule Log 1

26 1 2021 UK. 1 26 2021 US.

This is the first of many schedule logs to start my FMP. Note the two dates above, this after some years in the US can still catch me out. This is one of the many differences that we must navigate when leaving our native land.

Today was the first meeting with my supervisor, Wendy McMurdo. I will share at this point that I was extremely anxious, especially about sharing recent work, new technology and the general all round start of term angst. Wendy immediately made me feel at ease, perhaps it was that familiar accent from my homeland. However, after watching my PK together it struck me as more than that. Usually, as is my norm, I will create many experimental pieces of work all at once. This can be helpful in a way, but can also lead to too many threads. Wendy brought a sharp focus to my work, and added a few artists for me to look at in the upcoming weeks.

So, to work. Today was spent researching suggested artists and reflecting on current work.

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