Liz Steketee

Steketee uses photography collage sculpture textiles and books in her work. I really enjoy this sense of exploration, diving into these uncharted waters is a wonderful way to inform new work. This on going discovery makes work exciting. Steketee revisits her work deconstructing and reconstructing on a second pass. Mainly her work is informed by family and memory and my work is informed by memory, migration and belonging.

Inspired by Steketees work I made a photographic transfer onto fabric, and wrapped it around a reclaimed Chicago brick. Drawing map and architectural lines to connect the work to migrants and memory. These bricks would have been transported by rail which is right next to the silos. Chicago bricks were made after a change to building regulations after the fire in 1800s, which was said to have been started by an Irish immigrant.

About Liz. Accessed 8 June 2021.

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