Exploring Typology

Following my schedule log, my aim was to plan a shoot at the rice dryers. So, last weekend I took a road trip to rural Texas. My hope was to find some grain elevators to photograph, as an exploration for a series in typology.

These iconic buildings sit right next to the rail tracks, next to a very busy road, or next to other buildings. Many things need to be considered before heading out of town. There are the obvious equipment, weather and road traffic checks to be made. However, outwith my control are the areas that I am able to photograph. It became clear very early on, that there is a limit to how far I can away from the massive structures. I did manage a few shots, however not so sure that they are going to work for this typology series. Maybe it the colour, or the shape, maybe if they were black and white.

Perhaps more experimenting will lead me to the visuals that I really want for this series.

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