New Work Failed Work

Continued experimentation with materiality related to the silos and the many different ethnicities and generations of migrants that worked in this area. This cotton wrapped handprinted railway cheek plate with a folded silo image, was overlayed with drawings related to the silo architecture. The epic failure of the print was really disappointing. My aim was to have a really clean image. I left this for a while to work on another piece, sometimes this way of shifting helps to bring new ideas. This image is not clean, it is crumpled and worn, it resembles the texture of the silo walls, it is reminiscent of journeys, of mapping and travel. All of these things relate so well. It took me to walk away from it, to be able to see it.

I have included the unwrapped version below, not as proof, but so you can see the work that came before mine. My migrant hands, your migrant hands.

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