Aliki Braine

Artist Aliki Braine was recommended to me by my tutor at my last 1-1 meeting.

While I think we could all agree that Braines work is visually facinating. What I found really engaging was the reference to the fragility of the blossoms. The simple idea that this celebrated time of year is caught in it’s beauty, and in it’s ending. The blossoms are isolated in their glory on a black support, suspended, captured. The artworks then shift to the ground, a last flowering is celebrated before the images turn to black and white, and the ultimate end of a season.

Braines work has been described as ‘Concrete photography’, this is an interesting analogy. Referring to her work as concrete gives the suggestion that it has a permanence as an object. I think this is because she using the physical image as part of the work, rather than the medium in which the image has been made. This is an unusual thing to be said of a photograph, as we know that photographic images degrade over time. We also know that photographic fashions change. We can see this when we look at older cameras and images, from deckled edges to panoramic and polaroid cameras. As technology makes advances, photography shifts.

This work was made in response to Briane’s images of blossoms. We are both engaged with visual changes, Aliki with seasonal change that she witnessed on her travels, and myself with any architectural changes I see on my arrival in a new country. Both of these approaches involve memory.

Braines work is inspiring, her hands on approach definately resonates with me. The cut and rotating series is very interesting. This series of work reminds me of travelling from country to country. I would like to explore this way of working. Creating a place where memories can merge together.

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