Scott Hazard

Hilde Maassen recommended Scott Hazard in a cross cohort peer to peer group on Tuesday. These cross cohort groups have been really valuable. Attendees are so giving of their time in these sessions. A relaxed way to share work, give and receive helpful suggestions regarding all areas of FMP work.

Hazards work has similarities that are shared with my work. He constructs photographic images,cutting and layering ultimately creating an object that one can become lost in. He suggests that as the viewer’s gaze travels over the layered surfaces, that vision becomes almost tactile. In each image he has created a space for the eyes to linger. Hazards hands on approach to his work really resonates. It is also very important to me to use my hands, to create a new object using the photographic image. This particular image could be one of my silo buildings. it is interesting to note that these unnoticed buildings caught both our attention.

‘Photo Constructs’. 2021. [online]. Available at: [accessed 19 Apr 2021].

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